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Why do men pay for sex?

Men pay for sex. This has always been the case but, why do they do it?

Everybody has heard the expression” the oldest profession in the book” there’s got to be a reason why men pay for sex. It seems to be fundamentally rooted in the needs and wants of men throughout time. There are lots of different ideas when it comes to the reason why men pay for sex. When you drill down a little bit, it’s not that complicated. Maybe it is from the perspective of a woman? Please don’t get me wrong, a lot of women grasped the idea of why it is preferable to pay for a romantic, sexual evening with an unattached female. Opposed to a longer-term relationship.

The different types of men who pay for sex

There is a wide variety of men out there. Each one has a different personality and even though I don’t like to pigeonhole the sexual appetites and personalities of each man. I think it’s prudent to investigate the different types of men why they pay for sex. 

The shy guy

With just a modest amount of disposable income, a gentleman who is shy when it comes to speaking with and maintaining relationships with women find it a lot easier with a lot less pressure to pay for sex with an escort. There is no need to have any type of conversation or understanding between both parties. Of course, the only understanding is that Cash passed his hands at the beginning of the sexual encounter. This takes away any pressure to generate a relationship, politely or engage in conversation. More importantly, there is no need to form a relationship with a woman. The sex is guaranteed with absolutely no strings attached. The gentleman can vent get on with his life without any thoughts or inconvenience surrounding the maintenance of a relationship of some form.

High sexual appetite

Some people have a high sexual appetite and they class it as a problem. Men even get counselling and see a therapist to deal with sex addiction. It may not be possible for a man to quench his sexual appetite with a singular partner. It may be that boredom sets in after having sex with the same partner after a few times. What to do, what to do? Well, depending on the attraction level of the gentleman he may not be able to find multiple sexual partners to quench his sexual appetite.

The natural conclusion is to find an escort to have sex with. Not only will this clench the man’s sexual appetite, but it will also help guarantee the health of his relationship at home. Many women are not privy to the fact that their partner is seeking sexual attention elsewhere. I’m afraid, this is just a fact of life. Some couples are completely open and understand that one of the parties in the relationship may, I will outside of the relationship to pay for sex. This does help with relationship health. In some cases, it can destroy the relationship.

Power seekers with money

Money is no object and whether the client wants to be dominated or submissive or on equal footing with their sexual partner. They are still in control when they are holding the cash. In other words, they can afford to pay for whatever they want without any specific consequences. To have the means to go out and pay for a sexual encounter. In some cases, this is y natural and normal for some people. It can become a habit, hobby, or an addiction. In effect, it’s just a way of life.

A niche in the market

In all of recorded history, there have been accounts of men and women paying for sex. Men and women need to make a living, they have to survive somehow. Providing their bodies and minds for a short period to satisfy somebody’s sexual desire, whatever it may be. It’s something they are willing and able to do. If you are predisposed to being Randy, sexual, or find yourself in a situation where they need money to survive for the family and children. Why should they not get paid to have sex? 

The escort market today

For me, I find it a little confusing. Why would we recognize commodities such as sex, be frowned upon by so many people? And why in so many countries is the sale of sex still illegal. There are quite a few well-established theories out there. I believe the main one is the fact that women in relationships with men, in general, do not want they’re meant to be going out and spending money on escorts. This goes without saying. If there is anything else you can think of which will overpower this particular comment, please let me know. 

The market is saturated with escort today and even though it is illegal in some countries and frowned upon in most. It’s easy to find a multitude of escorts advertised on reputable escort agencies and escort directories. Even individuals (Independent escorts) are all over the Internet, advertising their sexual services. So why do men pay for sex? Well, if you are reading this article, you might just be one of the chaps who are. Why are you paying for sex?

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