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What happens when a client falls in love with an Escort

When a client falls in love with an escort

An Escort is in the business of intimate relationships. Building intimate relationships or creating an intimate relationship just for the evening or an hour. It’s not easy to construct your perfect persona so you can become the perfect girlfriend to your client.

A lot of hard work and a steep learning curve is needed to be caring and attentive. Patient empathetic and always love your client jokes. You may listen to the stories. Clients find you available sexually. You are erotic and homed in on your client’s sexual needs.

It’s just human nature?

It should go without saying that one enjoys the feeling of attentiveness. If a client not only pays your money for a session. But, he also dotes upon you and gives you lots of attention, told you how beautiful and wonderful you are. Why shouldn’t you like this? Does this not come with the territory? Why would you get upset if your client falls in love with you?

Looking at the role of an Escort, objectively. It’s not difficult to see that the role of an Escort is to temporarily be an object of desire. A beautiful creature to lust after and love for a finite period of time. After the time with the escort has finished. Both parties go their own ways and life returns to normal. Falling in love with somebody is not a clinical procedure. Some clients are prone to falling in love with escorts and they generally enjoy this feeling. God knows why! Being in love with a person who you cannot have sounded like a nightmare to some people. It certainly does to me!

Some people really enjoy the thought of loving something which cannot be obtained. Ultimately, this is all down to human nature. We cannot paint all people with the same brush. Whilst the escort knows that there is no real love involved in a date. The escort in question should realize that it’s quite easy for the client to fall in love with an Escort.

Don’t get frustrated

Temporary love with an Escort is always on the cards. You may define this as lust, desire, or infatuation. Escort job is to be a fantasy. Unfortunately, many clients get so wrapped up in that fantasy and are so infatuated by the escort. The lines between fantasy and reality get blurred. This is not their fault. Some clients may get completely taken in and in thralled by the escort. As long as the client will pay for the service. That’s absolutely fine. But as soon as the client seems to think that he wants more from you. But he shouldn’t pay for your time, then this can be a problem.

How to deal with falling in love with an Escort?

Be more proactive rather than reactive. Ensure you set boundaries from the offset. You can usually get a good feel of whether the client is going to be a long-term client after a month. I would certainly make sure that you implement these then. If your client wants more from you than you can quite simply tell them that you are happy to offer a GFE (girlfriend experience) a lot of escorts to play dumb. It may work to a certain extent, but really you want to be as clear as possible. Guys don’t think like girls. They need it spelled out for them. Of course, when the situation gets difficult and your client becomes demanding, arrogant, and scary then you have to do something about it. If you are not able to put out clear guidelines that he will understand then you need to get rid. Easier said than done. You may be losing a good-paying client or a good friend. You really need to think about this very carefully. Have a plan of action in place.

You must understand that once the spell is broken and you have hurt the client. He will not be able to see in the same light as he saw you before.

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