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Valentines gift – Make your woman squirt female ejaculation

Give you a woman the best valentines ever. Make her squirt! female ejaculation

This seems a little mystery surrounding female ejaculation. Can all women do it? What exactly is female ejaculation? Is it pleasurable for all women?  Interested? Well, you should be. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And what better way to show your love for the woman who you are spending your Valentine’s Day with. Why don’t you attempt to make her ejaculate or squirt.

No penis necessary

It’s not necessary to penetrate or fuck a vagina to get your beautiful lady to ejaculate on Valentine’s Day. Many women can do this even though it’s not easy to nail down exactly how many women are able to do this but it is very common.  There was a study where out of 233 participants 54% of these horny women were able to squirt.

Thorough stimulation of the female prostate it’s all that is needed to enable a woman to ejaculate or squirt.

Ejaculation versus squirting

Ejaculation and squirting is the same thing! Squirting it’s something well-known in porn movies. You may have witnessed on a squirting porn clip or movie the woman being stimulated quite vigorously and her squirting liquid all over. This appears to be more common than actual ejaculation. Female ejaculator is actually a thicker substance he’s kind of white and looks like diluted milk. The substance contains the same components as you would find in Simon. And also includes a specific antigen (PSA) prostatic acid phosphatase.

Where does the fluid come from?

The fluid comes from the Skene’s glands, or “the female prostate.” You can find them on the front wall of the vagina around the urethra. They both contain openings that can release ejaculate.  Some people think that it’s actually urine. This is not true. Ejaculate it mostly contains State M sign was just a little Urea. However, you would be forgiven if you thought that it was urine. According to many women, it feels exactly like pissing oneself.  

Taste and smell

The liquid tastes sweet. In fact, some people refer to it as the nectar of the gods! This was back in ancient India. It doesn’t smell like urine at all. It doesn’t appear to have any smell whatsoever.

How can I squirt myself or get my lady to squirt?

There was a theory. The G spot and female squirting or ejaculation we are connected. This isn’t necessarily true. Additionally, the G spot is a big mystery regarding female ejaculation. The G spot, in fact, is part of the clitoris network. In other words, if you stimulate your G spot you are actually stimulating parts of your clitoris. 

Well the good news is that if you can’t do it the first time then you can practice. Self-stimulation or stimulation with a partner is the very best way to find out what you like. Furthermore, it is better when stimulating your G spot with a partner. Easy to reach! Playing with toys helps. Consider a vibrator. One which curves up to give pressure on the front wall of the vagina. This will definitely help stimulates the G spot. Additionally, I want tie will help your partner to explore further back than your fingers alone. Remember it’s not all about the G spot. The correct clitoral and even vaginal stimulation may also make one ejaculate. 

Image result for Come here GifEjaculation with a finger

This is the motion which you need to replicate just inside the vagina. Palm up and use the index finger and create a come hither motion. This is one of the first methods you can try with your partner. It’s all about exploratory sex. If you or your partner cannot squirt already then Valentine’s Day is the best day to explore this option 


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