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The Beauty of Birmingham Escorts

The world of escorts is one where as a guy, you are seeing the most beautiful girls that are out there. The great thing about these escorts is what they do to get themselves looking so gorgeous. To be an escort is not easy, and there are heightened expectations about how you should look. These girls don’t mess around, and that means when you book an escort in Birmingham, you are going to get an absolute stunner. There are several different aspects of the beauty of Birmingham escorts. The bottom line is these girls know how to take care of themselves – so if you like a girl that knows how to really glam up or a girl that has an alluring natural look, you will be well served with whoever you choose to spend your time with.

The Different Types of Escort Beauty

The big difference between the escorts is there are some who are naturally beautiful while there are others who are a bit more enhanced. Now, the truth is if an escort does it right, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a natural girl and a girl who has things like hair extensions or even some type of plastic surgery such as breast implants. When you are trying to find an escort you may be able to pick things out where it’s easy to see – for example, a girl with a small frame having large breasts, or you could notice that hair seems a bit too long or too full. Long eyelashes are indicative of the fake lashes too. Ultimately though, it’s all about taste. Therefore, if you are someone who is interested in either type of escort, you will have plenty of choices.

The Inked Escorts

If you are someone who likes the idea of girls who look a little different, then escorts with tattoos will be something appealing to you. There are plenty of different tattoo types. For example, you could find a girl with some amazing tribal tattoos. There are lots of other tattoo styles as well. Your escort could have intricate tattoos like full sleeves; they could have tattoos in the small of their lower back, or ankles. Some girls have tattoos in unusual places like the neck, and there are even some escorts with face tattoos. The reality is the escort who is tattooed is likely going to be a very interesting girl, and that’s an enjoyable way to spend the evening.

Escorts with Piercings

There are plenty of great body piercings that beautiful women have. For a guy, this type of body jewelry only makes the girl that much more fun. There are girls who have multiple piercings in their ears – these are girls you know are going to be an interesting time because they do things a bit unusually. However, there are plenty of other places that can be pierced. Some of these places are pretty normal and alluring – the nose piercing and belly button piercing are certainly among the favorites. Some of these escorts will even have belly button piercings that dangle – that’s a great way to show off how in shape they are. Then there are the piercings that are more erotic in nature. These can be piercings of the tongue, nipples, and the clitoral hood. These piercings definitely communicate that an escort has a wild side, so if you are someone who booked more specialized services and notice this adornment, you may be in for a good time.

Body Types and Beauty

There are many guys who have a specific body type and that type is their idea of beauty. There are so many escorts in Birmingham that you will have no problem finding a body type that fits whatever you desire. There are four basic body types: skinny, athletic, curvy, and BBW. Now, there is some crossover that you may see in the different body types, but the reality is if an escort advertises herself as a certain body type, they fit within the category. For example, there’s no way a BBW would advertise herself as athletic, but depending on the BBW’s shape, she could be considered curvy.

Skinny girls are exactly as they sound – they don’t have as much shape and wouldn’t have much in the way of curves. They would be a B cup at most with the breasts, and don’t have much of a butt. These girls are a lot of fun, and because of their size they are able to do things bigger girls can’t do. When you think of the skinny body type, the best reference would be a gymnast, as these athletes have a skinny body type similar to these escorts.

Athletic girls are a little different than skinny girls. They have a thickness to them and that includes an ample bosom and a great butt. These girls won’t necessarily be muscular, but they will have some definition to them, and that includes their legs, arms, etc. These girls are generally the ones you see at the gym and can’t take your eyes off of.

Curvy girls are not quite athletic but they are not heavy either – these are the girls who wear their weight really well. They are usually quite ample in the bosom and they have some incredible butts. These girls look great in evening gowns and in loungewear. The bottom line is these girls are quite sexy and most guys really like them.

BBW, or big beautiful woman, is a girl that is bigger than busty. These girls have some shape to them, but they are big in personality along with their body type. When you are with them, you will notice how they are all about having a great time. These girls know how to look great and you’re not going to be with a girl that’s looking sloppy. So, while they are bigger, they are tons of fun and know how to really turn their curves into something that is quite alluring.

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