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Submissive men – why do men want to be submissive?

Submissive men - why do men want to be submissive?


Submissive men or submissive women?

There is no great divide between who is more submissive. What is not to get about submission? A submissive individual is the object of desire. What a lovely thought!

In effect, the submissive partner holds all the power. Well, at least as much power as their dominant partner.

There are some long-held patriarchal clichés, especially when bolstered in the most recent years by the franchise’s Fifty Shades of Grey. As a matter of men are portrayed to be the more dominant of the sex. It is untrue. Sex dominance and submission: Can both be attributed to both men and women equally.

The power struggle

It’s common that powerful and assertive females to attract men. As mentioned before, it is the personality who decides the dominant in the power struggle. Moist definitely nowadays it is not the gender.

Likewise, men are attracted and selling out to dominant female partners. The dominant controlling and leadership role is not normally associated with kind and caring people.

Usually, dominant people are known to be more self-centred. In addition a little more insensitive than other people.

Domination and control are closely associated together.  If you are on the other side of the coin, you then give up the control and let your sexual partner control you. Many men relish the fact that they are being dominated if only for a little while. They may want to be dominated just in the bedroom rather than and in addition to his “vanilla life”

As a matter of fact, it will be wonderful to leave all the strains and pressures of work-life behind. Let all of your inhibitions go and leave everything to your sexual partner.

Mental domination

Domination and sex are not necessarily related. Domination is often about mental and emotional releases. Also, pain, role-play, and verbal domination. Also, it could be hard for some people to understand. But, men feel relaxed and in their comfort zone when they are vulnerable. However, this must be. in a safe setting with the right dominant female.

Are fetishism can certainly stem from domination. . Men enjoy a mixture of both pain and pleasure. Domination can take many forms. Verbal, physical pain, abuse, and other punishments.

Opposites attract

People who are familiar with the BDSM industry will know. For instance, there is a direct correlation between men who live their lives constructively and methodically. And furthermore, unique sexual scenarios are needed to balance the pressures. Of everyday life.

I believe that it is very well known that people in very high-power positions spend time and money with professional mistresses. Visiting a dominatrix or fetish escort provides a much-needed release from the everyday pressures. Note, when in a job like a judge or another high power individual who can make life-changing decisions each day

I am familiar with clients who are in high-powered positions to do visit the dominatrix to have extreme sessions involving: scat, piss play, verbal humiliation, physical domination, and other unique fetish fantasies.

Basic understanding.

People have to have a balanced mind. This is not a physiological article.  Making hard decisions decision whether you think it morally or ethically to be correct or not. If you have any doubts in your mind, you have to live with this. However, this is your job and you need to make those decisions.

This is a case that I’m familiar with. The person in question visits a dominatrix every month to be shit upon. That’s right, he eats the women’s faces.

This is the only way he can balance his mind with the decisions which he makes daily.

Equally, another case which I’m familiar with is a 63-year-old individual who needs to visit dominant females, dominant escorts, and mistresses. He is pragmatic, ordered, and analytical in everything he does. In the sessions which he attends. There is chaos, uncertainty, insecurity, light punishment, and verbal humiliation. He needs this to balance his mind.

How do you keep your mind healthy?

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