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Party escorts hire an Escort for a party

Advice and tips on booking party escorts for your event

Many of our escort girls Love attending parties with other girls. If you are a friend or getting married and do you want girls for a stag party, house party or to keep you company at a social event. Then this is when you need a party girl. Party girls are ladies who enjoyed the nightlife. Drinking and other forms of entertainment that some more reserved ladies may not want to partake in. Party girls in essence work all hours. Usually late at night.

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How many girls would you like?

You can hire a single party girl knowing that you will have great fun with her. But, when it comes to social occasions with other people you may want to hire multiple girls. Not all ladies get on. However, we can guarantee that the girls who we send over to you for your pre-planned party will be the perfect companions. Take into consideration the number of people which you want entertaining. You want to make sure that all the chaps are well entertained. Maybe consider a ratio, one-to-one or 2-to-1. I would never advise having one girl for a large party more than three people. This is a lot more than she can handle.

When it comes to providing the perfect type of entertainment you may think that hiring a group of party escorts would be expensive. That is definitely not the case. Our girls start at £150 for an hour. And of course, as you start to book multiple girls for your event the price comes right down.

What can a party escort do?

It’s not guaranteed that every escort can provide entertainment at a party with lots of gentlemen. It’s important that the escorts chosen are girls who love to dance, love to talk, and have fun. They will also love to drink and partake in any nighttime events which may be a little bit risky for some more, Let’s say, vanilla ladies.  Plenty of our beautiful London escorts have very sexy lingerie and are very experienced when it comes to dangerous dancing. Exotic dancing is a joy to behold. Take this into consideration if you’re thinking about booking a party escort for a stag do for example.


The organization of a party, stag party, or event can be simple. However, what about the entertainment. Can you guarantee that it will be good? We have plenty of experience when it comes to recommendations. We know our girls inside and out, so to speak. Many ladies would jump at the chance to have an amazing time entertaining gentleman into the wee hours of the morning. We can provide excellent recommendations for beautiful girls to attend your event for however long necessary.  Do you remember to make sure that you let us know exactly how long you like to hire the party escorts for. These girls are very busy and have bookings every day.

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