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London Escorts refuse to meet black men

London escorts refuse to meet with black men. What could be the problem?

Many of our escort girls have always been excited to meet a black client. We primarily have white girls in our directory. However, we’d love to get some beautiful black escorts listed as well. The white girls have always been intrigued, excited and in general happy to accept black clients.

Recently our London escorts refuse to meet black men and we just couldn’t work out why.

The first thing that sprung to mind for us was regarding the potential size of the guys cock. Black men are well known to be well endowed. We need to explore a little bit further and chatted to a few of the London escorts who refused meet black men.

What’s the problem?

Yes, this is one of the reasons. It’s very difficult to please a client when it comes to blow jobs if the guy has a huge cock. It’s not possible to fit a very big cock into a little girls mouth. However this is not the case when it comes to full vagina sex or anal sex. A lot of our girls are experienced at taking big cocks up the arse and in the old-fashioned way too. Initially it can feel very uncomfortable. Soon after, according to the girls the feeling is great and very enjoyable.  When it comes to sex for more than 10 minutes with a big cock it proves very difficult and can legitimately hurt.

Attracted to black men

According to a lot of the white girls we have spoken to. There is a genuine attraction. Seeing the white flesh next to the black flesh is very erotic. The cultural difference is also a big turn on. A lot of black men see white women as a kind of trophy and a huge turn on. And, this can also be a great turn on for the escort. So we have to ask the question again. why do London escorts refuse to meet black men?

You’re just too big!

Sorry gentlemen. Please take this as a compliment. As a general consensus we now understand London escorts refuse to meet black men simply because the penis is too big. A lot of the girls are not equipped to give you the ultimate satisfaction you deserve.  I would take this as a compliment and don’t worry if you are turned down for bookings. This could be the reason why. If you want to guarantee a great evening with an Escort who is happy to accept a black man then you can see some of our beautiful girls on our London escort agency

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