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How to be a better escort

What does it take to be a better escort?

In general, it is thought to be an Escort you need a good body, great looks, and an appetite for sex. This is the case for some escorts but to be a better escort is much more complicated than This. To be the best escort possible them a few things which people overlook.

The scent, smells, and emotion

Picture yourself in a supermarket shop. You can hear the music and enjoy it. The visual is all around you the way things are put together beautifully. And the smell. The only thing we have to rid this world with all our senses and smell happens to be the sense which is connected to a deep-seated memory and emotion. We remember smelling the most. Associating them with good and bad things from our lives. Spending money on expensive perfumes is an absolute must. The first impressions you have with a potential date are long-lasting and ongoing. Without a doubt, if your client smells of perfume on another person he will absolutely think of you. And initially the overpowering magnificent of a wonderful perfume will grab his attention and focus it on you.

Additionally, you must ensure that your apartment or place of work smells amazing. An expensive Joe Malone candle, for example. Never underestimate the power of scent and smell. This will definitely help you to become a better escort.

I met in person Lori. An Escort to smells absolutely amazing. In fact, she stopped me in my tracks when I met her for the second time. Just because of the way she smelt. Amazing!


The teeth are one of the first things noticed by a client when seen a lady for the first time. You must take into consideration your oral hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist are a must. Take care of your pearly whites and ensure that they are in tip top condition. Many people have natural yellowing teeth. This is completely normal. However, a cheap Bleaching kit from the Internet can change your smile and improve It tenfold. Additionally, you can pay for a teeth whitening treatment which is about £100-£200. This will last for about a year as long as you don’t drink too much red wine,  strong dark coffee, or Carbonated dark drinks like cola. According to studies with clients the biggest turn-off when meeting at ascot for the first time is dirty or crooked teeth. There are plenty of companies out there offering teeth straightening services. Invisalign is a great resource and you can do this at home.  It may take a little time using the gumshield provided, but it will be worthwhile in the long run.

A few extra pounds

Clients have a wide range of body types which they like. It really doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a few extra pounds. However, when you start moving over to the BBW category (big beautiful women) this is a very specific niche. It may suit you and you may want to pursue it. However, it is a lot easier to advertise on a multitude of websites where they accept “slim” or the body which fits into the general definition of what it means to have a decent body. A lot of websites will not accept BBW girls. 

The outfit

A good escort will have a range of clothing which she can choose to please the client. However, if you want to be a better escort. You must have a very extensive wardrobe. Catering to the client’s needs is paramount. You must be ready for any situation. A nice evening dress if the client wishes to take you out on a date. And, of course, underwear. Beautiful, lacy, and expensive undergarments are a must. Don’t try and fit into an outfit that quite clearly is too tight on you. Get your clothing to fit. If it doesn’t put it away until you lose a little weight.

Marketing and representation

The first port of call for most clients is an escort directory or escort agency. If you have poor pictures on a website that is not reputable. This will go against what you’re trying to achieve. Great representation is so important. You generally find the escort agencies deal with a specific type of escort. This could be black escorts, English escorts, escort’s from £150-£300, and escorts from £600 plus.


Hand-in-hand with the escort agency or escort directory which you choose comes to the photos. You must get professional photos taken. There is no point in skimping on the photos which you are going to have to represent yourself on a website when you spent all that time and effort making yourself look amazing. This can be the difference from charging under £100 an hour to clients to £600 plus. Admittedly a lot of ladies to offer the escorting services at £600 plus are generally in a specific category. This could be Brazilian, high-end, celebrity English, and porn star.

Ladies, please understand, this is a very general article. There is a lot more involved in each one of these topics. They can be boiled down into lipstick colour, shoe type, and most importantly, attitude. This is something that I will touch a later date.

I hope you enjoy this very brief introduction on how to be a better escort. In addition to the blogs which you can on escort elite directory. You can also find some great and interesting blogs about BDSM on our sister site Mistress elite. And if you care to check out its USA counterparts you can find it right here.


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