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Fake escort ads. How to avoid them

How can you avoid spending money on a fake escort ad

No matter where you are, the Internet is full of adverts of pretty girls selling escort services. The majority of girls who advertise are absolutely legitimate. Not only offering amazing sexual escort services, but they also look as good as they do with the pictures you will see online. Okay, maybe a little photoshopped, but that is just the nature of the beast.

What is a fake Escort ad?

The most common fake escort ad you will find is not necessarily fake! A lot of girls do not wish to show their faces on the Internet. Their business life as an Escort and their personal lives are kept very separate. This, unfortunately, can lead to some disgruntled and unhappy clients. If you do not know what your escort would look like before arriving at the premises. Once the door is opened you may be pleasantly surprised or in some cases, highly disappointed. 

On rare occasions, New or unethical escort will steal the photos from well-established escorts to attract customers. It is very expensive to have an amazing set of photos taken and photoshopped.  Some girls have been known to steal these images and use them click bait. It’s not unheard of for a client to visit an Escort when he is a little drunk or let’s say intoxicated. This is what the escort is hoping for. Once, a long journey is made to visit in (apparently) beauty. If the client is horny enough, he will stay and give the escort work.  You might think that this is bad news for the escort in question. However, if she is using other people’s photos. She will never get pigeonholed as a catfish.

The Internet and escort website ads

Another dishonest way of cheating the client out of a great escort experience by creating fake escort ads is by asking for money up front. This is an absolute no, now in the escort directory and an escort agency world. Okay, if you would like to book an Escort for an extended session. Let’s say, an overnight or weekend booking. It will stand to reason that the escort or escort agency would want a deposit beforehand.

However, for an hour’s visit. Quite unheard of! 

What to do, what to do!?

The only way to avoid any fake adverts and to ensure that you are going to have the dates you expect based on the photos and the description is the contact a reputable escort agency. Escort Elite London for example not only interviews each one of its escorts. It also insists on photo identification and ensures a great relationship between staff at the agency and the escort. Constant Communication and a special relationship give Escort Elite London the upper hand when guaranteeing the perfect escort date.

Additionally, respectable escort directories can be a good source. I can only speak for Escort Elite Directory when I say that each one of the escorts, whether they is part of an agency or independent has been thoroughly checked. We check up on each escort every three months to make sure that she is still working and that the services she offers are accurate.

If you are in the UK the best resource to find a Mistress is the directory Mistress elite and if you are in the USA, Mistress Elite USA


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