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Black men and oral sex

Black men don't perform oral sex. Why?

Sad to say, but true. It appears that males, in general, do not enjoy or accept to perform oral sex on females as much as females do males. The report is an overwhelming 50% of men do not engage in oral sex.

Research has been done in the United Kingdom and the United States. The results were astonishingly similar in both countries.

The study compares to 10% of men in the same situation. Only 10 percent of men were denied oral sex by females.

A survey was carried out by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Although both males and females agree that oral sex is important, it was noted that males were more likely to have it.

Double standard

There are double standards at play regarding the issue of oral sex performed on adult females. The Internet is full of images and videos of women giving male blowjobs. This appears to be a popular and ongoing tendency. Unfortunately, for women oral sex is spoken about very trivial. To the point where it feels as if wrapped up in the mystery and becomes rarefied.

Oral sex black and white

The issue was raised: why do they not like men to execute the cunnilingus?
Back then, that was a very common stereotype. Black and white women’s complaints focused specifically on this issue. Complaining that sexual partners and partners are not engaging in oral sexual relations.

After talking to a small section of black males, it appears that the division was approximately 50-50. Half of the guys would say that they don’t do that. They have no idea where this pussy has been or how many dicks have been in it. The other half was totally happy to perform cunnilingus.

“Being black has nothing to do with giving oral sex. It is based purely on cultural upbringings and their likes and dislikes”

Afro-Caribbean and oral

Black men of Afro-Caribbean descent will be less likely to give oral sex to their partner or a sexual partner. This is even more prominent in Afro-Caribbean countries like Trinidad. There is a cultural understanding that performing cunnilingus on a woman is deemed disgusting. Afro-Caribbean guys are quite proud to say that they received oral sex from a woman, but if it is known that a friend or colleague has given oral sex to a woman they are branded as the black sheep.

It is seen as unclean if one places their tongue in a place that is used to secrete bodily liquids. If you are performing cunnilingus you maybe be forgiven if you only stimulate the clitoris and not the urethra or vagina.

Taboo cunnilingus

In both African and Caribbean societies, oral sex on women has been a taboo subject. Not helped by popular musicians. They have been songs performed by Jamaican artists where the singers sing about and break about NOT being members oral sex on the women’s club.

African and oral

According to Diaspora Scope. African men and men in Africa will not perform sexual acts due to religious and cultural reasons. Not helped by studies that attribute cunnilingus and fellatio to disease. African and black, Latino, of infections which you can get performing cunnilingus is quite nasty. Endearingly known as love infections. There is no simple pill that one can take to cure this disease.

African women are beginning to vocalize what they need sexually. A Renaissance is needed, so to speak, by African sex culture.

After doing the research and realizing a whole ton of things about cunnilingus and the reasons why black men do not perform oral sex on women. It stands to reason that there are a few good reasons. However, in the western world and places which are not so prominent with the disease. Better sexual education is required.


Black and white men are both averse to performing cunnilingus on women. However, it appears to have deep roots in black culture and religious beliefs. If you truly want to keep your woman happy then serious consideration and effort have to be worked in promoting the positivity of cunnilingus.

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