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Better orgasms techniques for a healthy sex life

Better orgasms - Get comfy, get warm and get off

Better orgasms, are you getting the best orgasm you possibly can? If you are reading this article then I can probably be assured that you love sex. People who generally love sex are open-minded and willing to try all sorts of techniques to achieve harder longer and better orgasms.

Are you a wanker?

Are you sitting comfortably, Is the temperature up? 

Masturbating alone and getting to know your own body, the type of pressure and friction that feels good is a perfect place to start. Get to experience your orgasms objectively. Easier said than done. When you are amid a very pleasurable wank. Do you have time to analyse what makes you feel great?

Fantasise without the guilt

Nobody knows what you’re thinking except you. Fantasies can assist you to forget about the everyday problems you may be facing. You will feel less inhibited and focus on the actual pleasure. Just because You may be fantasizing about a specific scenario of a person. This certainly doesn’t mean you want to act it out in real life. You must not underestimate the immense power of mental arousal to give you better orgasms.

There is no shame in Insisting on foreplay

Priming you and your body before sex by insisting on foreplay can give Better orgasms. They can give you the best possible orgasms. You can achieve the minimum amount of blood flow to your genitals by jumping straight in there and having sex with Any foreplay Whatsoever. Alternatively Insisting on foreplay increases the amount of blood flow to the genitals and you can push beyond and create better orgasms with more arousal than usual.

Take your time and get turned on as much as possible. Give your body a chance to maximize those feel good feelings. Increased the extra blood flow and sensitivity and your muscles will tense, resulting in a huge sense of release during orgasm. Instead of Concentrating just on your genital area. Think of your total-body as a huge erogenous zone.

Being a little selfish

Pleasing our partners seems to be, for some people is a great concern. This should be secondary. There are ways to do this. You could ask your sex partner for a massage. Don’t mention that you want to return the favour. Learn to say no when your partner insists on pleasuring them. This will help you take control and focus on what makes you genuinely happy. This will overall give mutual pleasure to both parties.

It’s not only about the clitoris

The focus on better orgasms starts at the clitoris. Just like starting a fire. Once it’s lit the Blaze keeps on going. Fun fact: lesbians have more orgasms than straight women. The penis is not the be-all and end-all. Many women need tutorial stimulation to achieve orgasm. This can mean different things for different people. Whilst you’re getting fucked, don’t rely on just this. Play with your clitoris. You can use your hand or a vibrator. Needs must!

Take your time to get us turned on as much as possible and this will give your body a chance to maximize those amazing feelings.

G spot

The G spot is certainly different for different people. It isn’t an internal extension of the clitoris. What is important is focusing on what feels good. The easiest way to focus and generate that pleasure is mine searching out your index finger, your partner’s index finger, or a vibrator or dildo a few inches into your vagina. If you use your index finger, palm up, and kill your finger Into a come-hither motion.

Change sex positions

What is your usual sex position? Do you have one? By turning from your belly to your back and vice versa, you can experience very different sensations. From person-to-person, the G spot differs and you can find a preferred way by moving around. Emulating the parts that other positions just cannot measure up to and amplify and increase your sexual pleasure.

Sex toys, use them!

The difference between sex without and sex with a sex toy can be the difference between an orgasm and an “Oh my God where did that come” from experience. Take your vibrator and use it to enhance your sex. You don’t have to depend on it necessarily. To make you and your partner more at ease to use sex toys. It’s better to start using your vibrator or dildo before you have intercourse. Don’t leave out your partner. Make sure He has his cock ring, vibrating penis rings, or a couples vibrator. Make him feel included.

Pelvic floor

The most important muscles used to assist in the best orgasm ever all the muscles you can find in your pelvic floor. Don’t forget your exercises. Have you tried a workout doing Kegels? 

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