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Escort – What does it take to become a London escort?

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Is it illegal to sell sex as an escort?

The legalities between escorting and prostitution are certainly very different. Prostitutes find work from passers-by in the streets. This comes with some legal problems as tax is not paid and it can be very dangerous for the individual.

Escorts, on the other hand, are totally legal and they find other unique and varied ways to advertise their services. Mind you, you have to keep an eye on the law. There are some very great areas when it comes to working as an Escort in the United Kingdom. In fact, they change on a very regular basis.

However, as long as you are registered with HMRC and running your company by paying tax on a yearly basis, you have nothing to worry about. Even registering with HMRC as a sex worker is not a problem and absolutely excepted.

Quick money from sex?

If you are young, beautiful and have a great body you can make a lot of money.
It is always better to start early, as an Escort. However, not a lot of women will choose this path.

The main thing to consider before you even think about becoming a professional escort is: my pictures are going to be out there!
Can you live with this, is this something which you’re happy to accept and justify if a friend or a member of your family sees your images online.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are not stunningly beautiful and don’t have the most amazing body. You can still make a lot of money.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. This is very true when the discerning gentlemen choose a lady to keep him company for the evening. There are no two men out there who like the exact same type of girls. Everybody has different tastes.

Ultimately, if you have the confidence, you can get over the possible moral issues. Then, the money is out there for you.

rich escort

How much can you make?

Let’s say for example you are seeing two clients today for a low rate of £150 a day. After-tax you can make 40,000 a year. This is just a rough example mind you.

You can choose to work a lot more, charge more money or charge less money and work a lot less. There are lots of variables. It’s more important, what will suit you.

How do I start?

Do your research. Do you have friends or do you know friends who work as an Escort? If so, speak to these people. You will get the best information from people who are actually in the industry than anybody else.
Once you have a clear understanding of what you want out of this then you can move forward to advertising. Getting your name out there.
The best thing to start with as a new escort the scene is an Escort agency. Do your research, ask your friends and find out the best escort agency to list with. Contact them directly with a few sample photos.

Ideally, your photos should be professional if you want to start working straight away, however, you might be able to get away with a few well-shot images.
However, if a friend did take your photos and they are of a professional standard not pleasing note that some escort agencies may not take you on.

I hope you enjoy this very brief introduction to how to start in the world of escorting. In addition to blogs, which you can on escort elite directory. You can also find some great and interesting blogs about BDSM on our sister site Mistress elite. And if you care to check out its USA counterparts you can find it right here. 


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