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Addicted to Escorts

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. How would a gentleman find himself in the company of a sex worker or escort?

Many men are seemingly happily married and have the luxury and opportunity of having sex with their partner. Why would a single man purchase sex when it can be free?

In fact, there are many reasons why a man would look outside of his own situation for paid sex. Not all the reasons are as clear as you may think.

Society encourages men to paint a pretty picture of what a relationship should look like? However, this is not necessarily what the individual wants.

For many people, living in a monogamous relationship is ideal. However, for many others, it just does not work.

Whilst men and women have equally low or high sex drives. It stands to reason that a large percentage of men choose to seek alternative sexual satisfaction outside of a seemingly harmonious relationship.

The percentage of men from country to country varies. In the United States for example 16% of men will visit a prostitute however in Thailand this figure is greatly increased, up to 90%. However worldwide it ranges from 16 to 39%.

A mans search for pleasure

A large number of men are driven by an insatiable need for sexual pleasure. Without this sexual need being satisfied they find themselves living in a perpetual state of frustration.

Other gentleman find relationships far too risky. Again, for many reasons. But, the main one seems to be intimacy.

On the other hand, men are visiting escorts, do so because they are not able to maintain a secure personal relationship. So, a visit to the same Escort on multiple occasions can simulate a personal relationship. Ultimately, acting out their own personal, relationship fantasy.

On a dark note: there are men who visit Escort who truly have a hatred of women. This made frequent prostitutes filled with hate where women are made to feel submissive and humiliated through the process of the exchange of sexual favours for money.

The impact on Escort’s

Some motivating factors for men seeking escorts are widely debated. There is no doubt that there is a great physical and emotional toll when offering yourself as a paid for, sexual commodity.

Escorts, both male and female have to block emotions and limet personal attachment. This leads to long-term problems when trying to maintain a healthy romantic relationship with a sought-after partner.

According to some: prostitution is really not a matter of choice. In some cases, women are forced to engage in sex work due to poverty, drug addiction and fear of being beaten by pimps who often trick them into sex trade.

There is a general consensus that men have a high demand for female prostitution leading to female suffering. Therefore, it is believed that sex education in men would greatly help in reducing the demand in the sex trade.

I want to be an Escort

Many sex workers enjoy their job. A conscious decision was made to enter into prostitution or escorting. Especially in western countries like the United States and Europe.

A glamorous lifestyle can be led. With, a large income and admiration from male and female clients.

Many escorts support a husband and children. Also, leading lead a perfectly respectable and fruitful life. In fact, certain females are perfectly suited to this kind of work as the other business sectors do not adhere to their own personalities.

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