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A London escort date​ – preparation

What you need to know when preparing for your London escort date

There are certain  certain ways you can ensure that you get the very best out of your London escort date with your London escort. It is completely irrelevant that you are paying money to spend time with a beautiful adult female. You still need to have a few things in place to make sure that you obtain the very best date possible.

You don’t want to act disrespectfully. First impressions are of paramount importance and there are some things which you are able to do to establish your first good impression last.

Luckily it is not difficult if you understand the basics.

From there on out your evening will be mutually fun, exciting, long-lasting and you will certainly get the best out of your date and evening. The Elite Mistress Directory is heed to  present you with some great advice on how to correctly arrange for the most amazing night you can possibly have with your carefully chosen London escort.


How would you feel if you went to meet a beautiful woman and she was smelly? She didn’t clean her hair properly. Her face was dirty and make up applied poorly. Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t give her a high rating or wouldn’t want to spend quality time with her. Well, what about if the shoe was on the other foot. It’s exactly the same for you.

Ensure that you have good hygiene. I don’t have to tell you how to wash your face and body, but there are a few people who will turn up for a date with an Escort or the escort will meet them at their place and they will smell. No joke they will actually be completely turned off because the client stinks.

Shower and brush teeth.

Make sure that you spend plenty of time in the shower before hand scrubbing and cleaning your face, underarms and all your nuts and crannies. Brush your teeth you don’t want any unsightly bits of green cabbage stuck between your pearly whites. Remember the first thing your escort company will see is your teeth. No matter if you don’t have the most perfect teeth in your mouth. As long as they are clean and well maintained with the fresh minty breath you will be absolutely fine.

Hands, feet and nails

How are your nails looking? I’m not just talking with your fingers I’m also talking on your toes. Look at your nails? Are they nice and short, with no jagged edges. Do you have dirt under your nails, including your toenails? This will be a complete turn off if they are not nicely maintained. Escorts spend thousands of pounds on the maintenance of the hands’ feet and nails. At least you could make sure that your hands are lovely and clean, your nails are trimmed and clean.

This is going to be a very intimate evening with a beautiful woman. She will see all of your body, including your feet. If your feet have hard skin on them it will not be pleasurable for either yourself or London escort date. Make sure that you take off that dead skin. Silky smooth and soft to the touch. You will get lots of attention from your beautiful escort throughout the evening if you are pleasant to touch.


Some gentleman genuinely looks great with stubble or beard. How long have you had your stubble or beard for? Have you just not shaved for the day. Is your beard hair hard and scratchy? These are some questions which you really have to ask yourself if you want a more intimate and sexually fulfilling time with your London escort. If you really are planning on DFK (deep French kissing) how much of this do you think your escort can take? It’s not easy or comfortable to kiss somebody passionately with a face full of hair, especially if it’s thick hard hair. Consider shaving. This would be the safest thing to do and your London escort date will certainly thank you for it.

Respect the business

It goes without saying that when you hired a London escort you’ll be spending time with her, leading to a point where you will be having sex. But there are some things which you should really be aware of before you head out on your date.

This is a business. Remember, hiring an Escort is a business transaction. When meeting your escort the first thing you should do is give her the agreed amount of money. Once you have agreed on an amount do not resent this offer. Do not try and bargain. This is one clear way to put your escort in a bad mood. Why start the beginning of the date disrespecting your initial agreement.

Cash is preferred by the escorts. Make sure you have exactly the right money and don’t do anything cheap like to ask for change. Make sure that the cash is thoroughly counted, in an envelope and presented to your beautiful escorts right at the beginning of the evening. I can’t express this enough.


What about the tip? You’ve got to remember that in order to have a great evening with any woman. You must put her in a good mood. Underpromise and over-deliver. If she asks for £300 for the hour. Consider putting in an extra 20 or £50 as a little tip. She will love you for this. You will see her expression change from one of incredulity to one of absolute delight when she counts the money and you tell her this is for you.

Respecting the business will make sure that the date will go smoothly and the escort will respect you and be happy proceeding to giving you a more fulfilling date as there have been no hic-ups.

Be sober

For many gentlemen, once intoxicated, everything goes to shit. Do not drink. Keep your wits about you. Enjoy the evening exactly what it is and don’t let alcohol skew your thinking. 

Look, it will be so pleasant open a bottle of champagne and enjoy with your lady for the evening. Absolutely do this, but do it together. Open the bottle of champagne or whatever wine you may be drinking and enjoy it as a couple. Because this is what you are both are. Well, at least for the evening. Having a drink together can certainly break the ice. I can actually recommend it. But then stop.


What are you going to talk about? Have you thought about this? Are you expecting that you’re going to jump into bed and make beautiful love together? I don’t think so. If you really want to be turned on, creating a connection with your London escort. The conversation is incredibly important. It is understandable that if there is a language barrier you might have a more challenging time.

Think about what you are going to talk about beforehand. Is your subjects boring? Please do not talk about the weather. However, in today’s climate with COVID-19 around. This is a great conversation point.

How is Covid affecting your business, did you manage to get here okay, be courteous and ask if she would like something to drink or maybe a bite to eat. Is she warm enough? Make sure that you are attentive to her possible needs. Make her feel comfortable without being creepy.

Okay, you look great, you smell great, you’ve paid your London escort and you’ve had a little small talk while she is sleeping on her glass of chilled French champagne. What next?

Eager to start

If you paid your London escort for a limited period of time. Let’s say an hour. She will be desperate to leave. Have you considered the amount of time you would like to spend with her overall? If you haven’t, you might wanna think carefully about this. One hour is not a lot of time unless you just want a quick and simple “Wham Bam thank you Mam!” A date not as nice as it could be I’m not very memorable. Consider booking the girl for at least two hours.

Do you need not worry about anything! The girl is a professional and she will know exactly what she needs to do to start your sexy evening as a London escort date.

Overall you must remember the most important thing. Respect you must have complete and utter respect for the human being who is selling her sexual services and time to be with you. That respect will be mutual if you have this in mind.

Mutual respect is key!

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